Art has taught me discipline, patience and originality.

Art drives me to be a determined hard worker, a great asset to any team in the work force.

  I am a passionate illustrator whose heart pours color and life into every drawing. A true weaver of interlocked tales of whimsy. I am obsessed with folk tales, owls and symbols. I include a lot of these motifs in my art.

To further publish my work I would be ecstatic be actively involved in the arts. May it be paid or unpaid in volunteering, commissioning, internships or co-ops. Primarily my work incorporates (but not limited to) narrative, characters fluid and brimming with life and personality.

The colors, clothes and setting are used respectively per a character or set of characters to reflect their individuality or collective personality. I use environmental aspects to build lovable characters that invite audiences to be lost in vibrant fantasy worlds.

I am flexible in multiple mediums such as watercolor and Photoshop, ect. Colored pencil and ink are my specialties.