After speaking with Billy about the specifics with my project, I decided to change the characters of Adventure Time to one character that is specifically mine and present him in little areas of the Library, also amongst the stacks and even on one of the tables “reading” a book. His name is Priam Parlem, he is made of paper (pun not intended-ish). I will base this installation on the reading from Baurriaurd on relational aesthetics. Since my project is not setting out to change politics or the world (Bishop), rather the viewers perception of the space of the library and making the observer aware of where they are and the legitimacy of them belonging in this space (the character will have speech bubbles “yelling” at the viewers to get out of “his” library). The artist I am inspired from was Orosco’s Crazy Tourist, with the oranges oddly arranged in an empty outdoor market place. The character to the viewers would seem ‘out of place’ while the character would on the same token point out that these foreign giants (viewers) are within his space.

Conceptual Sketch of Parlem: